Octra Developer Documentation

Cryptographic utilities and methods for implementing FHE (Fully Homomorphic Encryption) applications for performing various mathematical operations

Please note that the documentation is not yet publicly available and is currently undergoing changes; it is being filled out and formed.

If something is published here and it has not been openly announced, it is likely not the final version of the material, and changes are likely to be made to the publication or documentation.

If you have any technical questions, you are always welcome to ask us in our Telegram chat or in the development section on Discord. If you have a very specific question, please write to us at: dev@octra.org

Octra is an FHE blockchain network with support for isolated execution environments. The majority of the codebase is developed in languages such as OCaml, AST, ReasonML (the language for smart contracts and applications for interacting with the Octra blockchain network), and C++. Most of the code will be open and available for you to use as you see fit.

This documentation will include guides on libraries and technical aspects related to developing applications for the Octra platform. Some libraries can be easily ported to other projects; for example, the Hypergraph FHE library (FHE with bootstrapping on hypergraphs) can be compatible with any project and can operate independently.

In the blockchain and on nodes, we use IrminDB as the primary database. The functionality of IrminDB has been extended to fine-tune its operation with validators, and changes have been made to the methods for recording and processing vector objects.

Most of the code will become available after the public launch of the testnet and the transition to active testing.

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